About Me

I was with a corporation. And, I had my own office. I thought I had it made.

The company was doing good and paying out bonuses. I got a $8,000 bonus my first year.

I was told just do whatever my manager said and I would go up the corp. ladder. My thinking, I would build trust and loyalty.

But - when people are afraid for their livelihood, loyalty goes out the window then work, truly, becomes a rat race.

No one expected the economic down turn of the year 2001. Many people lost millions. They lost their retirement money. I even lost a little myself. My company was called "The darling of the Telecom Industry", but now its reputation had become infamous.

It started to hemorrhage sells. No one was buying their over price goods. Bad new spreads like cancer and rumors of layoffs came.

What, I am cut. 

When I got the pink slip, it was so uneventful. No body told me in advance or I had no clue it was coming.

I remember, one day, thinking this is not for me. I want to work for myself. I said a short pray, ask God for my own business.

On day soon after my prayer, I was invited to a business opportunity meeting. At this meeting, I saw things. I saw people who were their own boss. I saw people who enjoyed helping others obtain their dreams. I saw people who had time to spend with the family and could take trip and still make money.

I liked this new business model, so I signed up right after the meeting. I took this new business model, applied it to the Internet. Learning curve has been steep, but I have enjoyed the journey.

I've been on a quest for knowledge and I am willing to share what I know. (Hint: My company's name: Biz Building Today.) We can only achieve in business, only equal to the skill set we have acquired.

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