6 tips to writing high converting solo ads

Solo ads

6 tips to writing high converting solo ads

I my previous posts, I wrote about great list building strategies, one included is solo ads. How they are great because you are emailing your ad to another person’s list, which help you to reach a wider section of your market. In this post, I would like to share steps you can take to get better results from using this marketing method. 

There is an art to crafting a winning solo ad.

Steps to creating your solo ads

  1. Do research You want to do research on the people you are trying to reach. This is so important to getting your solo ads read. The particular findings you gather from your research will be important to writing a high converting solo ad. You have to know the people in your niche market. Part of your research will be to find a product or service your niche need or wants. If you understand them, you can write a title the will get them to open your email. Writing solo ads that convert well, is a study in psychology. You have to understand what people want, desire, and need. Without sounding like you pushing something on them, write telling then how you can help them.

  2. Work on the subject line You want to write a subject that peeks the curiosity of the market you are trying to reach, so that they open and read your email. Use the info you gather to The only purpose of the subject line is just to get people to open your email. One thing you can do to get better at crafting your titles is pay close attention to other subject line in daily email you get. Start saving a file of nothing but titles. Used the form of the title: example: Get 75 leads and make $3000 + a day I saw a title like this and I change it around to say, ’100 leads and make $ 1k a day’ in a solo ad I sent out : I used this in my solo ad because the system I am using, people are getting 100 leads a day and making 1k + a day. I knew what my ideal customers are looking for, ways to generate lead, and ways to make money. The body of your solo ads can be broke into sections

  3. Headline same as the subject It gets people to open you email and it will keep them reading it. It is at the beginning of the solo ad. Place it just before the introduction paragraph.

  4.You must make a claim This explain to the readers “what you will do for them.” People this is not the same as benefits but, you are saying I can help you to do, or accomplish something Example of a claim: I can help you get 200 + leads a day The benefits are the results of the claim that you are many in your solo ad.

 5. You must include benefits in solo ads Benefits are the results from the claim. Benefit are help, assistance, aid, enhancement or profits from the claim you are making. Example of benefits a reader will get from the above claim : Save you time, saves you money, increases your conversions and increases your leads.

  6. You must make a call to action You just tell your reader what to do step to take in order benefits. The action is a that you want you reader to take instruction. Example of a call to actions, “Click the link and sign up!” Applying these 6 tips can help you write better and more effective solo ads. And remember a solo ad is not the place for selling. It is written to peek curiosity and get the reader to click your link.

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