How to build your list

All too often, it has been said "the money in the list." Secondly, it has been said if you are not building your email list your leaving money on the table.

In this post I will give you 4 places on your blog to ask for an email address that makes it easier for the reader to sign to your list.

The other day I read a blog post that said 90% of the people, prefer to be marketed to through email. Wow, that's higher than my research.

I got 77%  of the people surveyed desiring email as a way to receive "permission-based marketing messages."

Can you see how you could be leaving money on the table if you are not building your list.

 Your blog is a piece of real estate out in cyberspace. When people see it,
they will make some quick judgement about it. You as the blogger have the  responsibility to determine how you will use your it. 

I said before that too many elements on your blog can hurt your list building efforts.

 On your blog, you want to eliminate clutter..

Here are ways to focus on list building right on your blog

On The Top Right:

It might seem like this is a common place that most bloggers have a webform, but it is farther from the truth.  Just the other day I saw on a blog with no webform on the right top.  I read halfway down the page before I saw 
the blogger's webform.

People read form left to right in North America so there eyes will see your sign up form at the top right.


 Under The Header Banner:

 As soon as people read your blog's title they will see your webform.

On the Menu Bar: 

It might surprise you, but people do click the different categories on you menu bar. You could place a tab on the menu bar like "Free Updates". Then sending people to a page telling  them why should sign up to your newsletter and a webform on that page.
Remember this page is a squeeze page and should not having anything on it except the call to action and an email sign up form. 


On the  About Me page:

Until I saw this Derek Halpern of Social Triggers About page, I never thought about placing a webform on my 'About Me' page, . What you might not believe is how many time he ask for people to sign up to his newsletter on his About Page. He has three webforms asking people to sign up. There is no shame to his game.

Let's Not be foolish  
Now, lets not be foolish,and think just because you place webforms all over the place that people will run from the hills to sign up to your newsletter.This just is not the case. I wish it was true. 

And lets not conclude these are the only ways to build your list. 

Your biggest calling card is the value you provide. Lets make it easy for people to follow whether is your RSS feed or your newsletter.  

The moral of this post is "lets not place barriers in front of the people who want to know more and build a better relationship with you, or you will leave money on the table.

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