Expert Easy Step to Building Your List

Could building your list be easy?  I guess, it depends on who you talk to.

Or, who you listen to.

I had been thinking about list building a lot.

It is an important element of marketing and building a relationship with people who visitor your website.I want to make one point here today. Whether you know it or not, you have a Big Ole Capture Page to build your list.

 It is your blog.

 you might be saying "I have a webform on my blog".  

 But ,  you must ask yourself, "is there too many elements on your blog pages for someone to focus long enough to sign up to your newsletter?"

Think about it. A blog could have:

 1. Facebook like button w/ all the pics of friends

2. G+ button

3. Recent Posts

4. Navigation Bar


6. Popular Post

7.Author Box

8.Comment Box

9. Lable Cloud 

10. Social Proof

11. Testimonies

12.Google Bloggers Friends

13. Twitter Updates

14 EzineArticles badge

15.Share Buttons

16. and the list goes on and on........

With all on this stuff on a page, why would your reader think about giving you their email address? There is too much distraction!

I did not come to the conclusion of the important of building a list until I came across Matt Bacak, who said he made his first million with a list of 10,000 subscribes. He preaches that list building should be the primary way to build your business. He said that the purpose of his blog is for branding, although, webforms are on his blog. He uses one high converting capture page to get people on his list.

He got me to thinking seriously about this whole list building matter and,  how clutter defeat the purpose of building a list. This is one of the main principle of having a high converting squeeze page. Well, same principle can be applied to your blog or website.

 Four individuals confirmed, "too many elements on a blog page can distract readers enough so that they miss subscribing to your newsletter.

1. Chris Brogan, Chrisbrogan

2. Derek Halpern, Social Triggers

3.Jon Morrow, Copyblogger

4.Ana Hoffman, Traffic Generation Cafe

 When you see their blogs, you will see how "Optimized" their blogs are for list building.

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