Email Is Dead


Is email dead? If you are not sure of the value of Email Marketing, this is an important question. The truth might shock some, and for others confirm what they already knew.

Sometimes, I wonder where people get their info. Some have ask the question

is Email marketing dead? Some believe the same thing about Article Marketing too.

 To say something is dead, means there isn't any activity.

This is farther the truth with email and in particular Email marketing.


This conclusion can come about because all the hubbub about social media and email as a marketing platform seemed to have fallen off the radar screen.

 And, if you are like me, you get lots of email daily. It would take a whole day to go through them all.

In the North America,  it may seem like email is on the decline or on it way out and is being replace with the  social media or video or some other platforms. But, the facts shows a different view and tell us what really going on.

 Don't take my word for it. 

The Fallacy is out there, but the truth is Email Marketing is not dead.

The number of marketing emails sent by U.S. retailers and wholesalers this 
yearwill hit 158 billion and grow 63% to 258 billion in 2013. - Forrester's US Email Marketing Volume Forecast (2008)

% of all email worldwide 

North America    14%
Europe               22%
Asia                    44%

· Launch new interactive programs.

"That’s right, developing mobile or social programs will make you send more emails. How so? Email tethers together customer experiences across channels.

For example, Glamour puts blog content in its weekly e-newsletter.

In-store associates at Pacific Sunwear of California use tablets to sign consumers up for its daily deal emails. So the more channels marketers embrace, the more email programs they’ll need to support them.

British Airways created an email campaign to drive downloads of its new Executive Club app.20

And Mint.com generated 8,500 new leads for 50 cents each by emailing existing subscribers with
a referral offer that they could forward via email, Facebook, or Twitter."
-Forrester interactive marketing forecast 2011 to 2016 

Report: Mobile Now Driving 36 Percent Of All Email Opens

 It just moving to new technology. Mobile email  is on the rise. More and more people are reading their email on mobile devices. Their moving away from the laptops and the desktop.

Email dominated all activities done on the Internet and it is dominating mobile devices at the time of this study :

                                  source Nielsen Mobile Media View Internet 

77% of people prefer to be marketed to through email

In a survey ExtraTarget asked online consumers their more desired way of receiving permission-based marketing messages, email can out on top by 77%.

Direct Mail came out second at 9% and text messaging follow a 5%.

"74% of Internet users age 64 and older send and receive email,
making it the most popular online activity for this age group.
- Pew Internet and American Life Project (Feb 2009)

Email Marketing is changing with the age 15-34, and they seem to be more incline to want to be marketed to with methods such as social media and text messaging. 

But on the whole email stand far above all social media and any other marketing platform. 

Is Email Dead? Email Isn't Dead

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