Resources to drive traffic to your website

Here is a list of 16 resources to drive traffic to your website.

Get traffic from Twitter

Others retweet your post or adverts.

1. Get retweeted on Twitter - http://www.retweet.org

2. Sponsored tweets on Twitter - http://www.sponortweets.com

3. Others share your ads on social media - http://www.ibotoolbox.com -

4. TwitHawk is a real time targeted twitter marketing engine that will find people talking on Twitter about your chosen topic and location, allowing you to really hit your target mid conversation with ease. - http://www.twithawk.com/

Place ads on these sites

Paid advertising  are also driving traffic to a website.

5. Linkedin advertising - http://www.linkedin.com/advertising

6. 7search.

7Search.com has been a leading pay per click search engine advertising and affiliate network since our inception in 1999 and is dedicated to providing value and service for online businesses. Continually recognized as a premier online advertising solution and a respected Web partner network, 7Search has provided thousands of Web businesses with an economical and measurable opportunity to obtain Internet traffic and generate revenue through their online presence.

 - http://www.7search.com

7. Buyads

Buy advertising directly from the web’s best sites. You choose where and when. BuyAds handles the rest.
 - https://www.buyads.com/

Social Networks for advertising and networking

Soiical Networking site are great for driving traffic to a website or blog.

9.Video sharing but link can go in description of video or on your channel.  - http://www.youtube.com

10. http://www.betternetworker.com/

11. http://www.facebook.comOptions

Classified advertising

12. http://www.craigslist.com

13. http://www.ipost360.com/ads


Seesmic Ping is a successor to Ping.fm with a goal to help you make sharing easy.

Here are some of the benefits with Seesmic Ping over Ping.fm:

*Post to Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Tumblr (with more to come)
*Post to multiple Twitter Accounts and Facebook Pages
*Schedule your posts
*Select Thumbnails for attached links
*Post from iPhone, iPad and Android
*Create and post Groups of accounts
*and so much more with even more to come!

14. https://seesmic.com/profile/migrate

15. Write press leases to dirve traffic to your sites


16. http://www.warriorforum.com/

Additional sites:

Here are a few ad swap resources to get started with:

ListSwapper.com (Recommend By Willie Crawford) -------->check it out

Find Many Ad Swaps In The JV Section Of WarriorForum.com--------->Check it out

Safe-Swaps.com  (Paid Service, But The ULTIMATE Ad Swap Community)-------->check it out

Google Search Results For 'Ad Swaps'--------->check it out

Let other syndicate your ads and blog post:

Imagine having people with huge Facebook
and Twitter followings sending you FREE
traffic...with one blurb 

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