You shouldn't -but you can

Growing up, if you ask anyone that knows me very well, I didn't get in a lot of trouble. I keep my nose to the grind and did what I was told to do.

'Geeus', I only got one spanking in my life time. How many did you get?

Okay, I am not writing today to show how good of a person I am. But, I want to take a little liberty today, and go against the grind of what I read in a blog post. I want to make fun of it. No, I not saying I am going to become a rebel.

 I've learn to see things from different perspectives. It make life very interest, and not boring. And you can write on anything and not come off as being boring.

These are my twists.

You have the right to state the obvious......

Everyone is not applying what their hearing. How do you  make boring stuff interesting? Say it again in your way.b So you read blog posts that beat you to the punch. Say it again in your way.

You have the right to spam the spammer.....

You can send  me all the spam you want to.  Someday, you might get a reply thanking you for the info. But - with my message to you.

You have a right not to read lamo posts.....

The lamo posters' are given their rights by the Constitution......But, you don't have to read them.

You have a right to say I am sorry for being away, but explain why you went MIA......

If you are building relationships with your readers, they want to know why you went missing in action. Hopefully, you have good news to share.

You have the right to do what you love......

I not saying be irresponsible or immoral, but joy is found in doing what make you happy.

These are just my twists on things someone said were bad to do.

Are there any rules that you place a twist on and do anyway.

I am reminded that we need to step away from crowds and distinguish ourselves. Example everyone says use Wordpress blog platform.  I found out Seth Godin is using Typepad. I never heard of this platform.

Typepad did not stop his success...... 
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