The secret to Steve Jobs's success

Steve Job built his empire, we now know as Apple. He had a passion and a love for what he doing. He could not become a success without this key ingredient.


Why I'm  refocus, and why you might want to follow me?

 I like Steve, I need to focus on a particular segment of the market and not try to be a jack of all.

Think about it McDonald is in the fast food restaurant business with only 18% of the  market. They are not competing with others  but are setting standards that others are trying to match. This is because of their focus.

Focus gives you clarity and pinpoint precision in knowing your who, what and why of your business.

Like gold or the silver  we  have value to give. But all the impurities must be removed in order to get out that value. In the case of these precious metals, heat has to be applied to cleanse them . Hopefully, you will not have to go that route.

You can just refocus.


You could ignore all the indicators that tell  you that a change has to come. You could keep doing the same old thing.

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and
expecting different results.”

Albert Einstein

 If you want different result, it has to start with your focus.

The benefit of focusing

1. You get clarity of what you want to do with your business.

2.You can achieve things in less time.

3.You have a clearer insight into what you need to cut from you business.

4.You can define who your  “idea clients” are.

5.You can determine the people you need to network with.

6.You can do what you love and what you are born for.

7.You can hear your drumbeat and live according to it.

8.You can deal better with disappointments and  with life setbacks.

What should you focus on? 

Your Why?

Not my why, but your why. Your why, the reason you do what you do is your why? If you know the why? Then you can focus more on the what. You can change you why at any time, and doing this will change you what.

My question to you,  should your change your why? It will lead to what you should be doing.  It will lead to you knowing where to streamline your business because certain certain things don't fit your why.

Your What ?

Your “What” is what you want to do in accordance to your why. It the steps you need to take.

You need to do what interest you. A quote I read says, “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it.” If you enjoy doing something, it easier to do.

The Who?

The “Who”, here, refer to the market niche you want to reach. You want to reach a smaller segment of a larger market.

If just stay mindful of your why, what, and who, you will always be on course for what you plan for your business.

 When you have to many irons in the fire, you can  lose your  focus and burned out can set in. Keep it simple.  That what focus will do. Help you keep it simple.

Now stay focus and make Steve proud of you.

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