Done with writer's block, get on with living your dreams

I could not write. I went to this coffee house to get away from all the distraction at home. If I just drank some coffee, my mind would get cleared. So I thought....That did not work.


I handled the writer block by just writing. I wrote out my thoughts. A blog subject came to mind, and I wrote about it. Sometimes, you just have work through stuff.

Having this experience with writer's block got me to thinking about other blocks that people might have in their life.

When there is a block in your life, it's like a sailboat anchored to it mooring. Its purpose is to sail. But, It can't sail. We can become tied up like this sailboat and not fulfill our dreams.

Here are ties that bind us–

You tell yourselves that something is too big to accomplish.
We are looking at the Big picture.  We fail to look at the details.

You have a fear of failure.
 No ones perfect. Stop fooling yourself. We're all works in progress.

You don't know where to start.
If you don't know how to start something, ask. There are guides on how to do just about everything. Google it.

You want to be someone else.
You were made for a purpose. You are gifted for something. Let your light shine.

You are listening to the wrong folk.
Stop listening to the negative people. Now, you start listening to the right people.

Getting back to that little sailboat. You wanted to take it for a sail, but it's moored. You have to untie it to sail.

Mike Cleveland

P.S. Do you have a story how you dealt writer's block, or any block area in your life.  How did you overcome it? Please share in the comments. Please like and share this post.

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