Article Marketing tips: Headline hacks and forgotten Synopsis

You can write great content for article directories, and not have your article read. In this post, I will share ways to increase the open rate so people will read your stuff.

There are two major tips I would like to share with you. If you miss them or don't take them seriously, it could hinder the possibility of a person reading your article.

Your Title

The title of your post is the first thing people will look at in order to determine whether they will read your article body. Your title must engage your reader from the start. I wrote a blog post on writing great article titles that drive people to open your content. You can just go to the post.

Another resource is a guide by Copyblogger. It has great preformated titles. You just put your information into the title. Now you have a catchy headline for your post. Go to http://headlinehacks.com/

Your synopsis- no ones talking about this

Every article directory requires synopsis of your article. If you leave this space blank, the directory will fill it in with the first 2-3 sentences from your article. It's important that you don't leave your synopsis blank.

In order to write great a synopsis, you need to remember it is not a summary of your post.  Your synopsis should tell your audience why they should read your article. Here is an example:

The first sentence should be directed at something that your targeted audience is waiting to hear.  Speak to the need of that niche. For example, if you are writing for the  relationship niche, your first sentence could say

 “Are you finding it hard to get a date?”

 Then your second sentence would tell the reader why they should read your article. 

 “Learn 10 ways to get a date tonight.”

Also, you want to give credibility to yourself. Like the author box, you should write this sentence in the third person. In the next sentence, you say 

" 'Your name' has used the 10 methods and is never without a date.”

So the formula here, is to first speak to some need then answer how your article can meet that need. Lastly, tell why someone should listen to you.

Things to remember when writing your synopsis:

Use the "inverted method", where you write your article body first then write your synopsis from the conclusion.

You want engage yours audience by letting them know it's something in the article for them.

You want to tell your reader why they should read your article.   

It is not giving a summary of your post. This is done in the conclusion.

Do not promote yourself, but leave that for the author box.

By using a great title and an engaging synopsis, your open rate will increase.

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