Write great article titles that drive people to open your content

Article marketing is one of the best free ways to drive traffic back to your site. I said this before in another post. 

You might have a splendid article and submitted it to an article directory - but if no one opens your great article, pack with great information, it would be like hiding a candle. What's is the purpose?

In this post, I am going to share with you five ways to write great article titles to having people desiring to read you articles.

Great marketers pay close attention to people. They understand what makes them tick. If you want to write great article titles that drive people to open your articles pay close attention and write these four points down.

Your title should speak to the needs in your niche market
I already said that you need to understand people. You need to understand the need of your market. Your article should be about those needs and your title should reflect those needs. Here are two examples.

From an article written for a computer designed  for older people. “Wow...A computer Designed for you, not your grandchildren.”

And from a magazine for entrepreneurs: “Ingredients for Success.”

Your title should have a sense of urgency in them.
You want marketer to feel that you have information they can not live without.  You do this by accentuating the positive. What you are doing is shedding light on the positive characteristic(s). It will work wonders, and   people will want to read your article.

Your title has to give the impression of freshness or newness.
There isn't much new under the sun. Every subject, someone has wrote about. You create a title that make your article seem new or fresh. You can say the same thing, but in a different way. Use your voice and words. Say it in your way. 

Your title has to ask a question of the reader.
You must use caution with asking questions. You want asks a question you know your niche market can not answer unless they read your article. Questions build curiosity . This is what you want, and when the person reads your article you will give them the answer to the question.

With these four points you will create great article titles that will have people seeking to read you articles.

If you have more ideas or used some of these methods please share in the comment area.

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