What is your resolution for the year?

I know that you got butterfly in your stomach, and you want to see success in what you have envision yourself for this year. 

All great ideas start with a thought.

But, the thoughts that you have about succeeding at something will take two key elements. One is planning and the other is action. You can not have one without the other.

Now that you have your resolution for the year in mind, it would be foolish to attempt without some serious thought given to planning. The old saying, “If we fail to plan, then we plan to fail.” There are steps you need to do that will place you in a better position to success this year.

Before the hard work begins, we need to exam whether these simple but important prerequisites are meet. Now when I say hard work, I mean doing the actions that will bring about your resolution.

Simplify your goal

Break your resolution into small actions that you can measure. You literally plan out the work you need to do each day to accomplish your goal. You do this by asking yourself what step do I need to do right now. When that step is finish proceed by asking yourself what is the next step and so on. You could map out all the steps, and then you can stay on course.

Get yourself focus 

If you have to many things you are trying to accomplish, you are sure to fail. Concentrate your effort on one goal at a time.

You want to be great at something? Focus your attention on that one thing. Practice and time spent doing, learning, and doing that one thing until it is perfected. What do you want to get good at focus on it.

*Get yourself a partner

Don't try to go at your resolution by yourself. Find people who have the same goals and network with them. Do you know that two logs burn brighter than one. I saying get yourself a support group. It could be you and another person with the same goal, or it could be a team of people with the same goal.

Find a mentor

Someone who accomplished what you are trying to achieve. A mentor is a leader. A mentor has done or is able to do what your trying to accomplish. And is willing to share how you can get there. You have to be willing to follow the steps laid out by the mentor.

You want to find someone, who you can related too. A good mentor can teach you. You want someone who can teach you by their example, and by sharing their knowledge.

Have a resolve

Place in your mind that you are not going to quit. You can do it. You do not have to do everything in one day. Rome was not built in a day, one brick at a time.

Schedule time for other things.

Make sure you enjoy your life. Don't neglect family and friends. Life is to be live. You must have balance in your life.

Now get to it, one step at a time.....

Mike Cleveland

Author's box: Mike  Cleveland has six years in Networking Marketing and, Internet Marketing. He believes that building strong relationships are the foundation for good business practice. Please leave comments.

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