The key to Network Marketing – build relationships

It seems that with the merging of the Internet and business that some have forget that business is about building relationships. 

It will go well with you to keep this in mind. Whether online or offline, you want to build relationships.

Now you might say to yourself how do I go about this? Today I would like to give you some point to remember as you build your relationships. 

It will take some practice, but you can become a master at networking. Here I will share some pointers to get you started and you can use them when you are doing your social networking online and offline everyday.

Leads are everywhere don't be fooled. I, like, the next person believe in Attraction Marketing. But, Attraction Marketing can be done offline as well as online. 

Most people will put up a barrier until they get to know you. You want to break down that barrier by being relational with people. The pressure is off. 

You don't have push to get the word in about your business. And when the time is right you will tell a person about what you do. Not the comp plan or the product, well, not directly.

You have learn how to package the comp plan and the product in a personal story. How you join and your life was dramatically changed. 

No selling just promote through your story. If the person is interested they will prosue information. Let them hook themselves into your downline. 

But, as I said before you need to always be thinking relationship first and adding value. Offline without the relationship, it will be harder to add value to other. 

Here are some thought on the subject of building relationship and gaining people trust and getting them to like you as you network with them:

Say my name..........

People love to hear their name. You should make it a point to get peoples' name. 

Say it back to them. It tells them that you care enough to remember it. Now don't over do it, it seems phoney. Say it once or twice in a conversation, and least once online or in your emails.  Away ask a person their name and say it.

I know you care because your're listening.....

When people share something, usually they want a response back. On Facebook, people are sharing all over the place. Make a comment. It could be that you just hit the like button. I find it good to just take a point they made and repeat back in my words to the person to let them know I heard them.

Tell your story.......

Online and offline tell your story. If you don't have a story about being successful tell the story about what you are doing. Someone might want to do the same thing. If someone want to do what your are doing,  you need to help them, this is giving value to that person.

Basic Blogger Tips Interviewed, Tom Shivers – The SEO Guy from Capture Commerce
    What are some of the biggest mistakes you see bloggers and internet marketers making that might be causing them to fail? Have you made similar mistakes in the past yourself?
The number 1 mistake I see from businesses and individuals who want to be found in search engines and social media is they are not intentional about building relationships. You may laugh but it’s true; for some reason people think they can manufacture relationships without doing anything… ummm, no. Here’s some advice:
Build relationships both online and offline
  • Do what you say you will do even if it hurts
  • Stop doing things for the sole purpose of getting higher search rank, instead do things to help others… like your target audience
  • Link out from your own blog posts to other sites and blogs
  • Provide helpful, interesting comments on other people’s blogs, rather than just trying to get a link
  • Get involved in social voting and social media sites where other bloggers and marketers participate – pick one or two and invest some time there
  • Reach out to other bloggers with a phone call
  • Invite others to guest post on your blog
  • Give, give, give before expecting to receive – the golden rule of building relationships
I’ve noticed that people trying to build links in particular can be so task oriented that they often lose out on a relationship opportunity that could supply them with boat loads of links, but instead they settle for one or two. Oh well…I’ve made plenty of mistakes in building relationships, but I’ve also learned how to do it by watching those who are great at it. I might drop a few names in the comments if people want to know who I follow.

You can read the whole interview at Basic Blog Tips

The key to building your business is in the building of relationships to help others. And you can do this offline and online.

Mike Cleveland

Please leave your comments, I am trying to build relationships!

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