How do you open the door to build trust for your business?

How do you build trust in your business?  In our prospect's mind?. If people doesn't know you, what is the key to opening the door for others to trust you.

You heard it said, and I am going to say it again. But- content is king  online. 

The thing about content is everyone writing about the same stuff. How many blog posts do you need to read about traffic generation. 

Only one method, you can work on at a time. Everyone, talking about the same methods.  How to create a blog post. How you can write blog post quickly. There the SEO articles, which are plentiful.
And so on...

 Maybe, we still think there's something new. Every blogger or marketer, keeps coming back for more. They might not come to you, or read your post. 

They are very selective of who they let in their inner circles. And I am starting to understand this.

In my own life, I know I am finite. I am not some superhuman, and I don't have the cognitive ability to take in and give out to everyone personally. But with our content we can contribute to helping others.

So how do your make our content standout from the crowd and get them saying “Wow! , that was a great post you wrote there."

 I am glad you ask So how do we make our stuff standout from the crowd and get them saying “Wow!” , that was a great post you wrote there.

It is you.....In your writing you have to come with your style, your voice, your tone, your personality, your flare, your humor or your lack of it, your flaws, ….your perspective.

Now let start with perspective, and save the personality stuff for a later post. But – let stay with perspective because it will be your calling card. It will be the very thing that will draw out some of the best to take notice of little old you.

 I'm not saying everyone is going to adore you but, some will and some will not. Perspective will distinguish you from your competitors.

What is perspective? I looked it up in the dictionary, but it was to techie for me. Dictionary was describing two dimensions and three dimensions. Here my definition:. 'It written from your point of view.'  

How can your perspective open the door for building trust in others? If people are attracted to how and what your saying, they are interested in you. This is a door open to building relationships and then trust in them.

In an interview at Capture Commerce with David Leonhardt of The Happy Guy Marketing , he gives us idea of how to create perspective for a dull topic.

What are some ways to prepare a broad appeal topic for a rather dull thing like kitchen water faucets, for example, so that it gets the attention of people in social bookmarking sites?

Kitchen water faucets?   >>yawn<<  Oh, well, the faucets themselves are pretty boring, but there are fascinating things related to them.  Off the top of my head…

Find studies on how much bacteria are on faucet spouts (and counters, and sinks, etc.)
Do a study to find out how often faucets are used to rinse food, rinse hands, rinse dishes, wash hands, wash dishes, etc.
Track down how much water typically flows through each faucet of an American household.
Hire a poet to write an Ode to Faucets.
Create a video using faucets in unlikely places around town (to hammer in a nail, to sort through jelly beans at the bulk food store, etc.)

To read more of this interview, click on Capture Commerce

The key I want you to take away from this post

  1. Content is king, place it all over the place.

  2. Put your perspective in the content you create

  3. Your perspective will draw out those who like your 
    perspective, and your content.

  4. If your readers are interested in your content, they are interest in you.

  5. Not everyone will love your perspective - so what.

  6. You have an open door to building trust in others.

  7. Trust is built in relationships.
Now the question is how do you build relationships that build trust? This will have to come in a later post. I just feel like there is not much relationship building going on, especially in social networks.

Let me know what you think. It is just my perspective and I would love to hear yours on this matter. 

Please let me know how you build trust in your business......

Mike Cleveland

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