Happy 2012, lets see the leader in you...........part2

About four days ago, I wrote to you about the bait you need in order to get the right leads. I said that opportunity seekers, the right leads, are not really buying into a product or comp plan. But, they want the right leader ( You).

Now what distinguishing quality do you need as a leader to set you part from others, and attract the right followers:

You must be a person that's willing to grow and growing 

You will not be come great until you invest in your personal development. Who want to follow a leader and you have surpassed them? Keep on growing never stop because where you stop is where your leadership ability will end. Watch this video:

You must have a story to tell.

 All the greats of Network Marketing and direct sells, know this and practice it. People are mesmerized by great personal stories. You want to attract people to
you self, start telling your story. Watch this video:

A true leader understands people.

They know the different personality types. They have taught them to be able to discern people. They know what people wants and need. Teach your people to understand people. It's your.

This might not be an all encompassing list, but it is a start to something great. And that my friend is you.

Mike Cleveland

Author's box: Mike  Cleveland has six years in Networking Marketing and, Internet Marketing. He believes that building strong relationships are the foundation for good business practice. Please leave comments.

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