Content opens doors to building business relationships that leads to trust, by personality, perspective, and value.

Open the door. You say again, and again. But – the door does not open.

This is the image of the heart of your business lead and prospect. Their hearts are the doors. But your content that you place on the Internet is the key to opening the doors in order to build a business relationship of trust.

You have to start with content, because it is what people will use judge you. It is the key that opens the door for you to build business relationships. Without it, nobody knows you.

In my previous post, I described how there are no new subjects . People are sharing the same info.
So, you want your voice to rise above noise of others, who are saying pretty much the same thing. If you learn how to deliver you content in such away, people will hear you.

The way you make a difference in your delivery of content, you have to come with your style, your voice, your tone, your personality, your flare, your humor or your lack of it, your flaws, .your perspective. I define perspective as nothing more your view or angle.

In an interview,  David Leonhardt  gives the perfect example of how to write with a perspective that set you apart from the noise. David Leonhardt takes a boring subject and make it exciting and appealing.

Now, I am going to add one key that will set your content apart from noise and another that will build the trust in others.

You should not place content on the web for yourself, but for your audience. When you write or place content on web this way you already have a interested audience.

What do I mean by this?. You should write for those who are you audience. You should do videos for those in your audience. Every piece of content should help your audience. “How to” or “instructional” are some of the most well received blog post.

Also human interest stories, are hot because people want to be able to related. These would be the kind of stories where you or someone overcame something.

You want to combine the instructional and human interest together. You could describe a struggle you
had in your business than you give the steps you took to over it.

We trying to get the attention of people in order to have the opportunity to form relationships with them. In an interview, Jeff Goins talks about how people will respond favorably when we are willing to help them through our content.

Once you get in your content, you want to form a relationship with your them. How do you build a relationship that could lead to trust.

Communication is the key to building a business relationship of trust.
I am a blogger. But - there are other ways to share info other than blogging.

You share content and your audience share with you.. How do you establish ways to converse with those who you are sharing content with? This is important in establishing business relationships that builds into trust.

  1. Blogging is a good way to share helpful info with your niche market and your market share back through commenting.
  2. Webinars are for giving out training  but you want listen to your market.
  3. Surveys is a way to listen to your market, even though, you are not sharing info
  4. Videos are a good way to place content on the web, and through commenting your market
    share with you.
  5. Social Media is good for to sharing and listen to your market .

A few days ago, I read two blogs. I didn't have any interest in the niche market they tried appeal to. One was describing how to get traffic to a cash gift site. The other blogger was describing his fears of being himself and how he over came his fears. the bloggers personality came through their writing and they wrote from their perspectives. They gave value to their respective audiences. I left comments on both blogs....

Why I wrote comments on these blogs?

I saw something in both of them. I saw the value given in each, even though, the bloggers wrote to
different audiences.

They appeal to my technical need for traffic and my human side.

One blogger said my business is cash gifting and I am writing for people in that business. He describe how to get to traffic to cash gifting sites. Maybe I over look the cash gifting part and zero in on the getting traffic part of blog.

And the other blogger was appealing to the self help niche. Well, I didn't think I have any deep seated fears, but I am still growing as a person and I could related.

Wow, someone else struggling with personal growth......

I saw the personality, the perspective, and the value in each blog. I left comments.....

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