Blog commenting tips, to build relationships, traffic, and your brand

blog commenting
Blog commenting is probably one of the easy ways to drive traffic to your blog, build some friendship, brand yourself. 
I really did not believe commenting on blog post could increase traffic to my blog, and so quickly. 

In this post, I want to share how I am doing it and seeing increased traffic, building relationships, and branding myself.

Blog commenting does not have be complicated. You are not writing a post that needs researching. 

You are only commenting on what the blog writer said. You don't have to comment on the whole of the post.

Pick a point or two that caught your interest and comment on them. It's that simple.

Now that you have your two points in mind, it time to start writing your comment. Think of  blog commenting as introducing yourself to someone that is waiting for your response.

Remember that part of commenting is also to build a relationship with the blogger. You should have a picture of yourself on your comment. You can get a avatar from Gravatar. You don't want to take the default avatar because people want to see you as a real person. You will be able to upload a picture of yourself.

You want to always think value. Even in commenting, you want to add value. You might want to add additional info or share information that is missing from the blog post. Not in a disrespectful way to the blogger. You might just say "I know of... or  I read of...." 

Another point, the more personable you are, the more people are going to related to you. You can share your success or failure. What you have learn and how you think the post is going to help you. You want to relate to people. If they can related to you,  they will want to visit your blog.

Always, leave your name at the end of your comments. You want people to remember you.

Now the more traffic the blog you are commenting on gets, the more traffic your comment gets. This give you a greater chance that people will go to your blog. So I have a link to Ana Hoffman from Traffic Generation Cafe who published an amazing list of CommentLuv enabled blogs – great resource for finding new quality blogs to comment on, build relationships, and quality one way links. These are high PR value blogs so they get lots of traffic.

Lastly, when you see someone make a comment on your blog post, go to their blog and make a comment there. You already know they leave comments.

Blog commenting will increase your brand, while generating traffic to your blog, and build trust with those in your niche.

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