Where are all the leads gone? Good ones anyway

You might be asking yourself this same question. Maybe you are new to direct sells, Network or Internet Marketing, or maybe you been around a long time. This riveting question keep coming back to you, "Where have all the leads gone?" Believe me, I have asked myself this question many of times in the past, but not any more. There is a secret to getting leads.

It not like throwing a fish hook into the waters, and hoping fishes swim by your hook and take the bait. Some believe this. 

When you do it this way, you playing a numbers game. You will have to wait longer for the fishes. 

But if by chance, you throw your pole where the fishes are, you will get some sooner. You have to use the right bait. 

If you use the wrong bait, the wrong fish gets on your hook. And you will wonder why you can't catch Catfish, but keep hooking Cob. 

There's something wrong with with the bait you are using.

We can't go after leads this way. You need to curtail your presence on the web to catch the right fish. It begins with you. Stop thinking that the product is the product. Stop thinking that the comp plan is what people are looking for. They might need money yesterday, but if you are the wrong leader, right leads are not going to follow you.

People want to follow someone that is where they want to be.

Should anyone follow you, and you can't even tell them where you are going? 

That is a good question. Do you know where you are going? Do you have a picture in your mind of where you are going and can your articulate it to others? If you have doubts about your aspirations, others will perceive that your lost.

How do we fix the problem of using the wrong bait for leads?

I am glad you asked. As a leader, you have to have confidence in what you are doing. If  you lack confident, others will know it. 

You might be asking yourself how do I get confident in something that has not happen. I want to be successful, you say. You get confident by taking measurable steps each and everyday that will get you to your goal.

You, also, have to fix the problem of what your projecting.

 Leaders are not only perceived to be a leader by their actions - but also, by their words. Your communication will give away quickly what you know or don't know.

 People are influence by the words you use. Watch what you say and do because someone is always listening and watching. This comes with the territory when you are perceive as an leader.

Now, you know you are the bait.

Now where is the pond, to catch not fish, but leads? 

The secret is reveal.  Leads are everywhere. 

 If you use what I am telling you, people will be drawn to you. Without you saying anything about your business. You never have twist some arms for them to listen.

 They will listen because they will perceive you as a leader.

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