Article Marketing Secret or tips

Six Tips For Better Article Marketing

I love Article Marketing, because of the benefit of it. It will work for you if done rightly.

Here are some of the benefits.

Article Marketing drives traffic back to your website. The secret or tip is post your article in high page
rank and high traffic article directories. This will give you great traffic back to your website. For a complete list of some top high page and high traffic directories below:

1. ArticlesBase (PR 6, Alexa 292)
2. Selfgrowth (PR 6, Alexa 2,667)
3. Buzzle (PR 6, Alexa 517)
4. GoArticles (PR 3, Alexa 2,255)
5. ArticleBiz (PR 5, Alexa 9081)
6. EzineArticles (PR 6, Alexa 99)
7. Gather (PR 6, Alexa 1,675)
8. BetterNetworker (PR 5, Alexa 4,440)
9. HubPages (PR 6, Alexa 44 )
10. Squidoo(PR 7, Alexa 209 )

Another benefit of Article Marketing, you establish yourself as an expert. People write book in order to put out a body of work that says I know what I am talking about. When you write articles that advices people on issues related to a particular niche market, they will come to know you and see you as an expert. Article Marketing affords you with this opportunity to quickly get branded as a leader.

Improve your website page ranking. You are allowed backlinks to your website from you article. One article could get hundred of links back to your website, thereby, increasing you page ranking and your website SEO ranking.

Two added benefits of article marketing, it is permanent and you articles can go viral. When placing an article with a directory it is there forever. It is always driving sell and driving traffic. Now, it can go viral because ezines can place your articles on their sites.

Marketing with articles is an easy and profitable endeavor. If you do it correctly, you will find it to be very profitable. Following are tips to help you in this quest:

1. Not everyone writes well enough to convince readers to act. You should have someone evaluate your articles and give you honest feedback on their reaction. If the feedback is negative and you feel you can't write better, hire someone to write the articles for you.

2. Spend time, even if it takes more than you would like, to test your author's resource box. Write a few different versions and see which seems to draw in more customers. Allow enough trials to make sure it is your resource box content that is working and not just the article itself.

3. If people aren't visiting your website like you want, something isn't working within your articles. Try changing your resource box. Compare other articles that do seem to work with yours. Can you change something to make it work better?

4. Many article repositories ban software submitters. Personally submit to the best sites and hire a submission company if you can afford it. Don't use the software intended for this unless you feel it is completely necessary.

5. Schedule time to write and submit articles into your work schedule. If you want a lot of links in a short period of time, try submitting an article every day for an entire month. After that month, it doesn't matter whether you submit one on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly schedule. What is important is that you do write and submit on a regular basis.

6. Spelling and grammar are more important than you may realize. Never submit an article until you have checked it at least twice for spelling errors and grammatically incorrect sentences. Don't allow these two things to be your downfall.

Article is well worth the time spend the benefits are worth it. With a few adjustmnents following a few tips you can get traffic to you website, gain leads for your business opportunity and increase your affiliate sells.

Mike Cleveland

Author's box: Mike  Cleveland has six years in Networking Marketing and, Internet Marketing. He believes that building strong relationships is the foundation for good business practice. Please leave comments.

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