What is the best time to show your affiliate offer?

Do you know the answer to this question? What is the best time to place an affiliate
offer before people?

Well the answer could be many, but most people go at marketing in a hit and miss
action. When you do this, you have little or no sells. You might have
a killer product or your prospects needs what
you have, but your prospects are not biting.

He might be dying to get the information you have in that info product and he would pay a fortune for it, but you missed the mark.

If you don't remember anything else I say, you better remember these two saying "Timing is Everything" and "Give them what they want". You make these two statement your guide in your marketing.

"Time is Everything" or "Give them what they want"

Let me explain this one. When people sign up for your newsletter, they are signing up for specific information. If your newsletter is about marketing, in the thank page you could have a link or banner to an affiliate offer that deal with marketing. Whatever the central theme of your newsletter, you introduce an offer with that theme in mind on your thank page.

Mind reading..........

Ezines are great resource for knowing what's on the mind of people. People join an ezine around a specific niche. You could send solo ad to the subscribers of that ezine with specific niche products.

Wham, timing not could be better and you know what they want(specific niche products).

I hope this gives you some ideas on how to better you marketing campaigns and gain many more sells....Don't forget "Time is Everything" and "Give them what they want"

Mike Cleveland

Author's box: Mike  Cleveland has six years in Networking Marketing and, Internet Marketing. He believes that building strong relationships is the foundation for good business practice. Please leave comments.

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