You have to do this every day

You can have all the training from the best of the best. Go to all the seminars and find out about the latest techniques. You can have all the systems in the world. You can be with a great company and have an excellent product.

And still you end up a failure in your business. How could this be?

Overnight sensation David Wood gives us a key.

Yes, goals, goals and more goals. If you don't plan, surely you are planning to fail. Each day, set a goal. It a goal that keeps you on target. It could be as simple as learning how to do something, how to get more traffic or how to better use social media.

Keep building upon the your success

When you complete a task, you will gain confidence to tackle another task. It's like learning to walk, one step at a time. Don't give up. Just keep on moving forward.

Expect to have interruptions

As you build your business, life does not stop.   You have to know that as long as you are progressing you are not a failure. I heard it said that Rome was not build in a day. But, wow, it was something great when finished.

Learn to enjoy the journey

If you don't enjoy what your doing, why are you doing what you doing? Most people get involved in working from home because they can live their passion. If you don't enjoy what doing, find out what you enjoy. Life is to short.....

Set goals and live your passion........

Mike Cleveland

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