How to get free web traffic to your blog or website.

You might not believe it, but you can get free traffic to your website or your blog. In addition, these methods I am going to show you,  you can set them up and forget about them. I will explain  one way that you can get traffic for free.

                                Get free traffic form every email you send out
The number one thing people do on the internet is read emails. If  people are going to the internet to read email more than anything else,  this is free traffic source – just by telling your mail readers about your website or blog? Just don't do it in a spamming kinda way.

After you place your name at the bottom of your letter you could say “Check out my blog, or Check out my website.

You can automate your signature with any email account you have. And your blog or website link will automatically be place in every signature. It's very simple to do.

If you were to setup a signature in Google mail, as an example, you would log into your mail account.
Click on the settings heading. When the window open up,  you need  to scroll down to the signature option. You will see two options, no signature or one  that lets you append at the end of all outgoing messages. You will choose the option to append at the end of all out going messages.

Now you can write something like you full name and underneath your  name give some contact information. This could include a telephone email address or Skype user name. Now underneath your contact information, is where you will put a message asking your email readers to check out your website or blog. Just add the link to your website and click save and you are done.

When you send out mail, now, you will get people to view you website or blog . In another blog, I will
tell you how to get more free traffic to you blog. Free,  free,  free, sound good to me. How about you?

If you know any other way to get some free traffic on autopilot, please post you comment.   I like to be interact with my readers.

To Your Success

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