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Yesterday, I was working on completing a new article. After finishing the article, I remembered I kept seeing stuff about article writing.

Presto...the Rabbit in the hat ( Everyone is weighting in on the benefits of article writing.)

 Here is my two cent on the matter.

1. If you are looking for a free way to drive traffic to your site then article writing is for you. You need to make your article relevant to the niche market your trying to appeal to. You do this by providing solutions to a problem.

 In the author's resource box you will provide a link back to your site. One word of caution, make sure your site is also relevant to your niche, or your reader will leave and may never come back to your site.

2. If you are an affiliate marketer,  article writing has great benefits for you. You don't want to come off as a pushy salesperson.

Never ...never ..sell, but pre-sell your affiliate products. You pre-sell by sharing the benefits  of your products and pre-selling is an art in it self. Then send your reader to your sells copy, website, or blog.

I like affiliate marketing because there is no short supply of products to sell, and you don't need your own website. Most companies have an affiliate program.

3. If you are looking to gain leads for a business opportunity, article marketing is for you. You have to show yourself as an expert. People follow leaders. In your article convey that you can provide solutions. You need to wow people and get them to want to get more info from you. Then send them to your blog.

People only buy or join someone they know and like. Still you are providing solutions, on your blog, but you are trying to a build relationships by letting your readers know who are. You might want some pictures of a company event, or some videos on your blog.

4. You want to do something once and it keeps working for you. Article marketing done right will do this for you. You want to write a lot of articles in the beginning to see big result and lot of traffic back to your website.

Through article marketing, you will get free traffic, sales,  lead generation, and leveraging of your efforts

To Your Success

Mike Cleveland

Author's box: Mike  Cleveland has six years in Networking Marketing and, Internet Marketing. He believes that building strong relationships is the foundation for good business practice. Please leave comments.

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