You need the mindset of a Millionaire to build your business....

Your attitude about your business is what will drive you to great things. You have to have a Millionaire mindset. It's key to your on going success.

Truth is, after about $75,000 dollar, no more happiness can be aquired. How many people have you seen in the news or read about who lives are falling apart because they were not prepare for the onslaught of success and their riches did not bring about happiness.

I just heard that two of the wealthiest men in the world are give up are portions of their riches to help others. One is giving away 99%, and the other is giving away 3rd of his wealth. They have come to find out that true happiness is found in helping others.

A Millionaire's mindset isn't just one idea, but multiple concepts.

Not being define by others

You have to know who you are without success. If you are in business to gain your identity then maybe you need to rethink things. Give yourself the freedom to be who you were born to be....
You say I am 50 years and I really don't know who I am. That's OK, don't great depress....you justs been given the rights to live your passion and you define who you are.

Not keeping up with Jones

Do you know that the more stuff you aquire,the more will be demanded of you. Are you ready for the responsibility. "To who much is given, much is required." Live your life. stop living other people's life.

These are just my opinions on the matter.......

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