Why do some online businesses fail....Mirror Mirror

Why do online businesses fail....has been on my mind a lot.  When I was on Facebook chatting with a friend, I ask the question, " Why are so many people failing at their online businesses?" She said " You should write a blog about it."
Here I am

It is not a simple answer. I did a search on it. I saw a lot of articles giving  reasons why online businesses fail.

Here are a few.......

1.Lack of promotion

2. No visitor analysis

3.Failure to delegate

4.Going it alone

5.Mindset of a hobby

6.No definite periodic ROI expectation

7.Lack of planning: 

I believe the reasons given were not getting at the heart of the matter. The buck stop with you. You are the heart of your business. Whether online or offline, as you grow, your business grows.

You have to see yourself.  You have to be truthful to yourself. You must follow you own passion. Stop trying to keep up with the Jones. Find your own passion. Find out what gets you motivated. "To thy own self be truth".

Be truthful to yourself. Like looking in the mirror and finding out you have on the wrong dress or suit, you have to do this with you business. Here, I will be that mirror for you.

Misconceived Notices

It takes true passion to succeed in an  offline business. Why do people think differently about an online businesses. It takes the passion to sacrifice time, money and energy. I feel people come into the online business industry with misconceptions.

Notion number one, I will not have to spend any money. You are going spend some money. You will a few bucks just to get a domain name. In a franchise business, a person could pay thousands to get started. Some gripe about spending $50 a month on their business. I don't think people take their online business very seriously.

Notion number two, I can just set and forget about it. You can not just set up a website up and expect it to get traffic. There is a skill to getting traffic to your website. The average person knows nothing about this. They could not tell you how get target and quality traffic to their website.

Notion number three, I don't have to put a lot energy into this business. This is not true. People will sense your lack of passion or desire. Even in an online business, you have to come with passion. What's motivating you? I heard someone say that your dreams have to be bigger than yourself.

Changing and Evolving

Lets start with this simply and over look fact, the Internet is a technology that constantly changing as different applications for it use evolve. For those who for one reason or another, who don't wish to grow with the changing technologies they will be doomed. People don't buy and sell like they use too. Their buying method are changing. People change.

Internet Marketing is one of the fast growing industry in the world. And anyone can just say I will have a business on online. They seem to forget that there are still business principles you need to be adhere to, ie "supply and demand", traffic generation, self branding  and others.

Just because you want selling something, it does not mean there is a market. I guess, finding out what people want never enters into the minds of some. You need to do market research. You need to find out what people want. Whats Hot or Not! If you don't want to fail in you online businesses, learn where the hungry crowd is. Learn what their desire is. Then supply it.

The Gold rush is on.......

Let me tell you a little secret: success in your business can be had. You have to throw out all the misconceptions. Start you business right from the start by finding out what people want. Implement good online practices. Learn how to drive target traffic to your website and write good ad copy.

Think about this, during the California Gold Rush, very few people got rich by digging for gold.
Who got rich were the people selling the picks and axes. Picks and Axes sounds like a niche market to me. They did not fail at their business. 

Yes, online businesses are failing........but there is hope. If  you will look in the mirror, then learn and fix what wrong.

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