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Just  my thoughts......

A few days ago.... in a planet far.... far away.....Just kidding. Really, a few days ago, I was  reading a blog post about 20+ ways to come  up with blog posts. The problem is, I don't  remember them. Thank God I placed the link to the post on my desktop. But, I am not really having any problems writing blog posts. Go figure. Well, I am going to give you my short list and natural ways to come up with blog posts. None of these ways that  I  mention were in the post I read.

1. You pay attention to what's going on in the day. If you have some kinda life (breathing), stuff is happening all around you all day. Sometimes you,  like a reporter,  have to go where the stuff is happening. And sometimes, stuff  happens  right before your eyes. Just,  pay attention!

 2. Everybody is doing the social media thing.  While you are doing your sharing and your  tweeting, pay close attention to what is being communicated. You will have some "aha moments". Just, pay attention!

 3. I don't know about you - but, I have to do a lot of reading. If you are not reading a lot, start read a little more.

 The ideas will come............ Just, pay attention!

Happy Blogging.......

Mike Cleveland

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