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One of the fastest growing industries is the home-base business model. The reason why it is growing, there is so much uncertainty in working a job these days.

 And you can't trust our government to do the right thing.With a national debt hanging over its head of close to 14 trillion and rising, it's on the brink of financial ruin.  People are losing confident in the things that made this country great.

Their uneasiness about the economy is the driving force for so many to take up stakes and hope in an industry that they believed were scams and schemes. They called Network Marketing  a “Get rich quick scheme.” You could hear them saying that no one ever really gets rich that way.

 Robert Kiyosaki in his book Rich Dad Poor Dad,” said that most people believe that they could obtain the American Dream by working for a living. But these people fail to see that they were the resources used to make other people riches.

They are motivated by the fear of the future and the doubt about the economy, not a genuine passion for business.

In the beginning,  they did not like the business models.

My question, do they understand the models now?

Mike Cleveland

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