The eyes truly are the windows to the soul

Just my thoughts..........

The other day, the thought came to my mind about my childhood. I heard someone say what you remember from your childhood plays a role in the who you become, more importantly, how you interpret the memories.

 There are a lot of people hindered in their life because of their faulty outlook. You don't remember every event or circumstance that happens to you as a child.

 But, how you see those past situations in your own mind, sets the course of who you become. You do not have to be hindered by your thinking about your past.

 The work you need do is change the self talk, and place a better or truthful perspective on the events of your past. As you do this, you will be free to become the person you want to be.

To become a success you need to be a success in thoughts. It is the truth that sets you free. Change what you are telling yourself and project that in your action everyday. You are transformed by the renewing of your mind and your action.

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