What, ... a capture page! Do you need one?

You might be asking yourself what is a capture page,....... and why do I need one? Well, I am going to attempt to answer your questions and more.

Before the computer, people would sell directly to others or use a phone. This was live contact with another person. You were selling yourself as well as the products and services. If you could convince the person to believe in you, most likely you would get the sell, especially, if the product or service was great. One great benefit to gaining a person's trust was residual sells. Now you could sell services and parts and add on.... you name it.

Now, with the computer everything seems automated and cookie cutter. The personal side has been lost, even though, the computer can reach the masses, and quickly get information in the view of others.

Everyone who sells a company's products, they uses the same company's website. So what distinguishes you from anybody else? Why should I buy from you and not buy from someone else selling the same company's products and using the same website to sell to me?

What a good capture page does is bring in the element of the personal side back to the Internet. You can do this in so many ways testimonies and personal stories and videos. And you can say the same thing as the company's website but in a way that distinguishes you from the crowd.

One more thing, a capture page gets a person's information: name, and email address and/or telephone number so you can build a relationship with this customer. This will builds up your list of customers and residuals sells. You now have a list.

And the Money is in the follow up(building relationship with your customers).
Go out now and build you lists and relationships, and watch the residuals grow...................

Mike Cleveland

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