Its harder than I thought

I have been in Internet Marketing for about five months, and I find it not to be what a newbie would think. You seen some commercials on TV where you get a web page with some product or service. They make it as though the web page will just sell you product. Within the short time of being in the Internet Marketing, I have found this to be further from the truth.

I started out with buying the resell right to a directory for stay-at-home jobs. I thought to myself there must be a lot of people who would want to buy this. I was told by the seller that I just needed to send out emails to a lot of people. Well I sent out tons of emails about my new business. I only got one response in the two months.

One day, I got a response in my inbox. Talk about being excited. I could not wait to open this email. It was from a man who had lost his job and was looking for a home base job. He stated that he could not pay the asking price of $24.95, but he wanted to know if I have a payment plan.

To make a long story short, I had compassion for him. I gave him the directory for FREE. I only asked him to let me know if it helped him get a job. He never wrote back.

Maybe you are having more success in your business or maybe you are giving away your product or service for free too. Please let me know how your doing.

I have to move on to a different product. I will tell one day about its success or failure later.

Until keep the faith!



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