I guess, I must be lazy….

Yes, I use to have all this friggin energy….

Not anymore…

I guess the older you get the more focus you become. I sitting at home not wanting to do a lot of anything. I worked a job yesterday…I mean, I luv my job because I am in sells, and I get to talk to people all day. But, I caught the entrepreneurial spirit.

Entrepreneurial spirit is a mindset. It's an attitude and approach to thinking that actively seeks out change, rather than waiting to adapt to change. It's a mindset that embraces critical questioning, innovation, service and continuous improvement."


Spilling the beans on whats nagging me

I am saying to myself,  "Not again"……

I kept hearing this nagging voice in my head telling me that something wrong.

No, I am not crazy…lol - but please, hear what I have to say…..

I will make my story really short. 

My Story…


Stop Waking up with Excitement, with No Sales

I had the same thoughts and feeling.

 Are you not getting leads and Sales daily?

 Do you need more traffic for your offers?

 As I look back, I been there with excitement Burning the late night oil, trying every kinda traffic method but still not being able to pull it off with more sales and leads….

 Let get out of the hobby mode into a business mode.

  I got help and so can you


6 tips to writing high converting solo ads

Solo ads

6 tips to writing high converting solo ads

I my previous posts, I wrote about great list building strategies, one included is solo ads. How they are great because you are emailing your ad to another person’s list, which help you to reach a wider section of your market. In this post, I would like to share steps you can take to get better results from using this marketing method. 


How to build your list

All too often, it has been said "the money in the list." Secondly, it has been said if you are not building your email list your leaving money on the table.

In this post I will give you 4 places on your blog to ask for an email address that makes it easier for the reader to sign to your list.

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